Online Trilingual Program

Specially designed for Malaysian students aged 4-12
1-on-1 / Small Group Based

One-on-one teacher online interactive teaching

The only and most comprehensive 3 language teaching plan in Malaysia

Targeted course customization

About us

Youseed Education

Every child is a high-quality sapling that can grow into a towering tree.

It takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man. Youseed Education has been exploring this educational road for many years and has trained thousands of students, so it has a full understanding of the various difficulties that students encounter in the learning process.

According to our experience, 80% of children are unable to absorb 100% of the knowledge they have learned because of their poor language skills. Every child is excellent and intelligent, but because they do not use the correct learning method, they feel difficult in the process of language learning. It is like trying to grow into a towering tree seed, but it cannot break out of the ground due to lack of sunlight and rain.

As educators, we are on a mission to help every child overcome learning difficulties, which is why we established Youseed Education. With this belief, we strive to eliminate traditional cramming education, design the lessons from children’s perspective, understand their psychology and learning difficulties, and make them learn effectively and pleasantly.

YouSeed Education is the first and only education center in Malaysia that offers the most comprehensive online course in all 3 languages. Our aim is to help children improve their skill set and proficiency in all 3 languages. Mastering languages will eliminate their struggles during their learning journey caused by language barrier.

Course Introduction

Free 3-language Proficiency Test
1-on-1 teaching, teachers can quickly understand the basics of children, professional grading, targeted teaching
40 minutes fun interactive class, let children fall in love with learning 3 languages
Tailor-made teaching plan, the only and most complete 3-language course teaching plan in Malaysia

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    Why choose Youseed Education

    Online one-on-one, interesting teaching, experienced and high-quality teachers, lead the child to a different, fun learning experience.

    40 minutes of close supervision by experienced tutors focusing on the child’s perspective to create interesting and effective teaching methods
    Captivating video lessonscreate a happy and effective learning environment for children to learn while playing
    1-on-1 teaching according to children’s individual learning aptitude
    Exclusive teaching materials and lesson plans specially written and designed by expert course instructors.
    Focus on your child’s learning experience
    Comprehensive and complete teaching process
    Regularly follow up with parents on children’s learning progress

    Testimonial Video

    Parent’s Feedback

    My son is enjoying learning the chinese class, he have confident to talk with the teacher and concentrated when the teacher is teaching and he can easily to understand.

    Yenxi Tan

    My daughter attended her first class and she loves it. The teacher taught my daughter with lots of patience and made her understand each Chinese word beautifully. Thank you so much for guiding my daughter.

    Sutha Seeri Ram

    My son join their Mandarin Online Class and he likes it and enjoys the lesson. He can follow the teacher teaching and understand what teacher teach him. A good platform for learning.

    Karen Chiang

    The class is so fun and my kid likes it so much. The teacher, Miss Nicole is so nice and always communicate with the kids to let the kids involved themselves in the lesson.

    Jacqueline Ang

    My son love to join the English lesson here. Teacher is very patient with my kid. Highly recommended.

    June Wong

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      1. Where are you located?
      Our learning centre is located in Sri Damansara, KL.

      However, this language programme is specially designed for online learning purposes that’s catered to kids age range from year 4-year 12

      2. What are the fees ?
      We do have two type of lesson methods which are 1 to 1 lesson and small group based (no more than 5 students in a class)

      The minimum monthly tuition for our 1 to 1 trilingual course is RM140 (4 classes a month; 40 minutes per session). Fees may vary depending on the number of days of classes.

      While for our small group sessions’ (no more than 5 students in one class) monthly fee is just RM80 

      (4 classes per month; each class shall take 1 hour).

      The accurate fees will be determined after a language proficiency test to assess the child’s current language standard and the number of required classes

      3. What is the class schedule?
      Our schedule is quite flexible. For 1 to 1 lesson, class can be arranged based on your preference time. While for our small group based (no more than 5 students in a class), we do have few different timeslots: –

      Monday to Friday
      Between 2pm – 9pm

      Saturday – Sunday
      Between 10am – 5pm

      And parents can choose a specific subject or trilingual for your child 🥰

      4. What subjects are available?
      We offer Trilingual courses covering Mandarin, English, and Malay 😊
      5. Are these classes conducted online?
      Yes, our language courses are specifically designed for online learning, catering to children aged 4-12.
      6. Does the teaching plan align with the government syllabus?
      Our courses are designed by a group of experienced language tutors and experts, following the latest UASA format. This format emphasizes practical and effective trilingual learning