A comprehensive trilingual teaching to steadily improve children trilingualism

Languages play a vital part in all subjects, and they are the only medium for learning.


The invention of language is for communication. To learn language well, the most basic thing is to “speak”. If you can’t “speak”, basically you can’t master other aspects of the language, which is why in the process of human growth, you learn to speak before you learn to write.


It’s not enough to just know how to “speak”. Next, you have to know the vocabulary, expand your vocabulary, and understand its meaning. Only by understanding the meaning of the words can you learn to read the information that is intended to be expressed in a piece of text.


Every language has its grammar. Improper use of grammar can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. The grammar is used correctly, the information expressed is relatively clear, and the language is more beautiful. Grammar is not only extremely important in written expression, but also in spoken language.


Reading books or newspapers is an indispensable part of life, and these daily life are absolutely inseparable from understanding. Once you have learned to read, then you have to learn to interpret information. By understanding the article, you can train children’s ability to interpret information and strengthen children’s ability to understand in life.


After learning vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and other skills, the next step is to learn to present the essence of the language in beautiful words. Writing has been regarded as an independent subject in all Chinese subjects, and its importance cannot be underestimated. In life, information communication and documents are very important, so it is very beneficial for children to master writing well.

Children’s learning will be graded and advanced, and teaching will be based entirely on personal growth plans





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